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Our campers experience all that the Creative Arts Academy has to offer in our 12-day sessions. From arts majors, chuggim (electives), and kinesthetic arts (recreational activities) to all-camp programs that build community, a session of camp helps campers advance their skills, discover new passions and make friends that could last a lifetime, while also growing as individuals in a fast paced communal living environment.

Join us for 1, 2, 4 or 6 weeks of Summer 2022!

Session Dates – Current 3rd-10th GradersOpening DayClosing DayTuition
Session 1June 28July 10$3,595
Intersession AJuly 10July 12*included with multi-session tuition
Session 2July 12July 24$3,595
Intersession BJuly 24July 26*included with multi-session tuition
Session 3July 26August 7$3,595
Two Sessions*--$7,040
Full Summer*June 28August 7$10,485
Gesher (rising 12th grade)(1st & 2nd sessions)June 28July 24$5,400
Gesher (rising 12th grade)(1st & 2nd sessions)July 12August 7$5,400

Our Majors

Bonim (current Grades 3-5), Shoreshim (current Grades 6-7) Olim (current Grades 8-10) and Gesher (current Grade 11) focus on one major per 12-day session in which they spend time in instruction and application with our Arts Mentors. 

Contemporary Theatre

Instrumental Music Ensemble


Creative Writing

Musical Theatre

Visual art



Vocal Music Ensemble

Our Units

Bonim, Shoreshim, and Olim
In their chosen discipline, Bonim campers build their skills and Olim campers step-up. Participants in grades 3-11, practice and perform in a dynamic, challenging and FUN environment. Participants set personal goals, increase skills, and work toward portfolio/audition quality pieces.

Gesher, meaning bridge, focuses on the development of young individuals as participant and role model within the camp community for current 11th grade students. As part of this 4 week program, participants experience skill building within the arts discipline of their choosing, as well as professional development in key areas of camp: residential life, programming, and logistics. Gesher participants shadow staff of all camp areas while participating in Arts Majors, Showcase, and Shabbat. A select group is accepted into this program based on their Gesher applications (separate from CampMinder application), personal interviews, and references. Artists currently in grade 11 spend 4 hours each day in one Major Studio from the list above.

Each day our campers experience a variety of immersive arts activities – check out our daily schedule!