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  • Returning Shlicha Prepares for Summer 2!

    Written by Shalva Nusi, 2018 and 2019 counselor After spending time in a camp-like environment again, this time with 49 other returning Shlichim (Israeli counselors), at the “Kadima” seminar, this week has been quite a shock to me. I’ve returned to the reality of SAT prep, house chores and a society that is very different […]

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  • New Staff Count Down Til Summer 2019!

    Isaac Assor, 6 Points Creative Arts 2019 Vocal Arts Mentor, and Becky Mann, 6 Points Creative Arts 2019 Head Counselor, are counting down the days until we’re all together at Westtown! We’re thrilled to welcome these two into our community after the completion of their first year of Cantorial School in Jerusalem with Hebrew Union […]

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