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Interested in Joining our Team?

We are now accepting applications for Summer 2021. Please read the Position Overviews prior to submitting your application.

All CAA Summer staff actively demonstrate a love for, and skill in, working with children, and a sense of teamwork and responsibility toward building a dynamic, engaging, supportive community. Flexibility and patience are a must, as camp will continue to evolve before our eyes, in our collective hands. All applicants, returning and new, should read through the position overviews to see where you feel you best fit into the CAA Community before beginning the application process. Please apply only for positions for which you meet the requirements.

Upon submitting your application,  a copy of your resume should be uploaded to Camp InTouch. A member of the full-time staff will contact you within two weeks. If your background and experience match the listed qualifications, we will schedule an in-person or video-chat interview, which typically lasts about 30 minutes.

If you have any questions, please contact us for a preliminary informational conversation prior to submitting an application.

The arts focus is key! Also the camp staff is excellent. My child really liked the counselors, rabbinic staff, and leadership.

CAA Parent