Our Philosophy


A summer camp of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), our program focuses on the whole child, fostering personal advancement and resilience while creating an aspirational arc of growth and possibilities. At 6 Points Creative Arts, the program staff, campers, and site work together to create a holistic, meaningful experience for artists in a living laboratory for learning and performing. 6 Points Creative Arts uses Creative Arts and traditional summer camp activities as vehicles to provide both formal and informal Jewish education to accomplish our mission.


We forge connections between the Arts and Judaism, building a sacred space to inspire personal growth and artistic development.


 A creative and inclusive Jewish community where one connects to their people, artistic voice, and authentic self.


With Judaism’s wisdom and wonder as a foundation for innovation, expression and resilience, we are creative artists who:

Creativity, יְצִירָה (Yetzirah)

Immerse ourselves in creation in diverse ways, recognizing and cultivating our unique gifts to continually contribute to the design of a world still in formation.

Curiosity, סַקרָנוּת (Sakranut)

Embrace the Jewish tradition of continuous learning and discovery.

Grit, אֹמֶץ לֶב (Ometz Lev)

Display courage and resolve, drawing on strength of character to journey beyond our comfort zones.

Collaboration, שִׁלּוּב (Shiluv)

Work together with others. We seek and value their contributions, while also offering our own insights and perspectives.

Craftsmanship, מְלָאכָה (M'lacha)

Concentrate on the quality of our efforts, holding process in balance with performance.

To Choose, לִבְחֹר, (Liv'chor)

Choose to be present as our authentic selves, open to opportunities for evolving growth in our identities.