Communication During Camp

Camp Office Phone

(410) 609-9870

Camp Office E-mail

Emergency/After Hours Phone


Camp Office Hours
Sunday – Thursday 9am – 8pm EST
Friday 9am – 4pm EST
Saturday Noon – 8pm EST

After office hours, please feel free to leave a message.

Daily Communication From Camp
You will receive daily communication from camp in the form of:

  • Photos on Camp InTouch
  • Social Media Posts
    • Facebook: @Urj6pointsarts
    • Instagram: @urj6pointsarts

We will send a weekly email, From the Director’s Chair, on Friday afternoons.

You will receive an email within the first 48 hours of camp confirming your child’s majors, counselors, roommates, and bunk name.

Email Addresses for Summer Staff

Under Construction

Mail and E-Letters

It is essential that your child receive mail within the first two days of arrival.  WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE THE USE OF E-LETTERS THROUGH YOUR CAMP INTOUCH (CIT) ACCOUNT.

6 Points Creative Arts Academy offers a two-way email service option through your Camp InTouch account. Emails from parents are printed and delivered once per day, and campers can respond using eLetter replies if designated by the parents or printed in advance. Parents must check the box indicated they wish to receive a response e-letter. Campers must write in black ink on the designated eLetter paper.. Camp provides the first four eLetters at no charge.

If you choose to send mail through the US Postal service, which we do not recommend, be sure to provide an adequate quantity of stationery, envelopes, stamps, and a pen for your child to write home. Younger campers find fold-over notes particularly easy, but they must be instructed in their use. Additionally, using return address labels or pre-addressing envelopes makes writing home even easier for your child. Otherwise, be sure your child knows how to address and stamp an envelope. Many children do not know how to address a letter or use stamps correctly! PLEASE NOTE: You may not receive letters sent through the US Postal Service until after your camper has returned home.

In order set Shabbat apart from the rest of the week, like most URJ camps, mail will be distributed to campers Sunday-Friday.

Letters should be addressed to:

Camper’s Name
6 Points Creative Arts Academy
975 Westtown Road
West Chester, PA 19382

Keep in mind that some letters you receive will be filled with love and joy, while others might be quite the opposite. Children’s letters are generally subject to oversimplification as well as exaggeration, often based on their experience in just the previous few minutes before writing to you. Please do not make a snap judgement when trying to interpret the meaning behind the letter. Letters that are sent during the first days of camp may be negative due to natural adjustment for campers gaining independence.  If you are concerned, please contact your camper’s head counselor.

Please do not send mail through the US Postal Service after the last Wednesday your child is at camp. Mail sent after that day will probably not reach your child before Sunday morning’s departure.

Please be aware that no news is good news! Campers’ main opportunity to write is during rest time, but as active and busy as camp is, they often really do need to rest!  Parents, however, should write frequently.  Please keep your notes upbeat and focused on camp. We discourage writing about your family’s adventures that campers are missing during camp. Remember that your child may also be writing to others – grandparents, siblings, friends – and may not write as often as you do, but please keep writing.


Camper Packages
The Policy: Packages for campers will not be accepted at camp.

The Why: If packed appropriately, camp provides everything a camper should need during their stay at camp. If a child has a necessity or they run out of something (ex. Toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) camp will purchase the item and bill the family.

Social Media
We encourage all parents to follow 6 Points Creative Arts on our various social media accounts.


We will post updates about camp events, special reminders for opening/closing days, blogs, and photos frequently. Camp social media gives you a glimpse at all the wonderful things your camper will be doing this summer!

As part of the camper application, the option to allow photos of your camper be used in promotional materials was given. If you would prefer your child not be used in future promotional materials or posted on social media (different from CampMinder), please let us know.

Camp photographers are charged with the task of capturing a wide variety of daily and special camp activities. Photos will be posted once daily Sunday-Friday.

We will do our best to capture each camper every day, however, please remember that the photos posted are representative of the camp experience and not necessarily your child’s personal camp experience.   We ask that you try to view photos from an objective point of view, however, if you have any concerns about a photo you see, please do not hesitate to contact the camp office.  You can view, mark favorites, buy, and share photos through Camp InTouch. Parents can also create “guest accounts” in Camp InTouch to allow family members to view photos and send e-letters to campers.


In addition to photos, our media team captures the camp experience through video as well.

We will be livestreaming Shabbat and showcase!