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Camp Policies are created to make 6 Points Creative Arts Academy as wonderful an experience for your child as possible.  In a community living experience such as camp, cooperation is essential. We find that campers are most comfortable when they know what is expected of them and the reason behind the expectation.  We look at the relationship between camp staff, parents and campers as a partnership, one in which all stakeholders need to do their part.

Who We Are

Our staff is carefully selected by our year-round camp team.  Before campers arrive, all staff members participate in virtual training and a week-long orientation on-site facilitated by our camp leadership team, outside professionals, and industry experts.

Our dorm counselors are college-aged students and graduates who bring warmth and energy to the 6 Points Creative Arts community.  Many of them have grown up in the Reform Jewish camping movement and many have not; all of them have passion and experience in working with children and in one of our art disciplines. Each session, a new group of dynamic rabbis, cantors, formal and informal educators from around North America come to camp to interact, teach, worship, play, and have fun with our campers. Our staff  and faculty come from all over the world to share their expertise and experience with campers.

6 Points Creative Arts Academy is proud of our open, supportive and inclusive environment. The make-up of our program is as diverse as our population; therefore, our community represents the vibrant and colorful fabric that makes up the Reform Jewish population. We hope that our campers and staff strengthen their self-esteem, Jewish identity, and connection to the Jewish community through the supportive nature of our people, staff, and programs.

URJ Child Protection Policy
Your Luggage

For Summer 2021, we are encouraging families to ship their luggage to camp prior to Opening Day. This will permit staff to focus solely on campers as we minimize parent interactions with campus this summer.

Please note that extra fees may apply for overweight luggage even if they did not apply when flying to camp.

Feel free to check out LugLess, the company with which we will be partnering. There will soon be a dedicated Creative Arts page for families to get a $15 off discount and have easier selection of dates based off your camper’s session. Save $15 with this link.

If, not shipping luggage, and your child is flying to or from camp, please check with your airline regarding baggage fees and policies. Airline policies vary widely; some do not permit luggage fees to be paid in advance, others allow payment within 24 hours of departure. The best solution is to send a prepaid debit card for your child to pay airline fees on departure day. Most airlines do not accept cash.


Luggage should be shipped to:

Westtown School
Attn: Camper’s name, 6 Points Creative Arts Academy
975 Westtown Road
West Chester, PA 19382

On Dorm

All campers and counselors are housed on dorm floors of similar age groups. There are designated times for bathrooms to be accessed by male-identifying and female-identifying particpants. All shower and restroom stalls are indivdual.

Campers have 1 roommate of the same gender identity and each set of roommates belong to a bunk of 12-16 campers. There are 2-3 counselors per bunk and 2-3  bunks share a dorm floor. Each dorm floor is a cohort. Bunks include campers of all gender identities.


2 Dorm Floors = 1 Age Unit

Gesher will be housed on a dorm floor with Olim campers.

Roommate Requests

Most campers have two roommates and preferences can be indicated on the Camper Information form in your Camp InTouch account.  In Summer 2021, all campers will only have one roommate. Be assured that if you decide not to make a roommate request for your child (many families do not), matches will be made with the utmost thought and concern for compatibility. 

We try to our best honor reciprocal roommate requests if submitted on time, but we cannot guarantee this as grade differences, space and enrollment numbers may be factors.  Additionally, it is the responsibility of the families to coordinate reciprocal requests. Camp will not intervene on behalf of a camper in situations where both families do not signify agreement, in writing, on the Camper Information form.  To facilitate a smooth rooming process, we recommend that you discuss your camper’s requests with the other camper’s family in advance.  

There are times when, in the best interest of your child, other children, and/or the camp community, requests cannot be honored, or roommates are switched during the session.  In these few cases we will communicate with you and hope that you will trust our professional judgment.  Final rooming decisions always remain with the Camp Director.

Electronic Devices

The Policy:  We are in alignment with most summer youth programs in eliminating camper cell phone use in camp.  Additionally, any device that can access the internet, download information using data, make or receive a phone call or e-mail is not permitted at camp.  If a camper is travelling to camp with their phone or other device, the items will be secured in locked storage at the start of each session and returned to campers, fully charged, upon departure. Older Gameboys, e-readers, mp3s and iPods without video are permitted, and their use is limited to rest time/bedtime in the dormitories and in art majors where applicable.  Disposable or inexpensive digital cameras are a good way to capture camp memories.  Campers bring any of these items at their own risk as camp does not take responsibility for their electronics unless they are secured in our safe. 

The Why: At camp we are invested in being present with the people and environment around us. We believe it is important to power down and take a much-needed break from social media and the internet.  Part of the beauty of camp is that is supports young people in making new friends, taking responsibility for themselves, problem-solving in new ways, and gaining maturity.  Unplugging for the instant gratification of a call or text allows campers the opportunity for this growth, with adult guidance, yet independent of their parents.

Campers hiding a phone or tablet put roommates in an uncomfortable position, damages the trusting relationships we are trying to build, and may result in a camper’s time with us being cut short.  We appreciate parents partnering with us on the goals we’ve shared and not facilitating or condoning deceptive behavior when it comes to electronics at camp.  We encourage you to talk with your camper about the electronics policy as they prepare to come to our program.  If you’d like to discuss steps that can be taken for weaning from electronics as camp approaches, please do not hesitate to reach out.


The Policy: There is no tipping at 6 Points Creative Arts Academy.  Contributions to the 6 Points Creative Arts Academy Scholarship Fund in honor of a staff member are greatly appreciated; the staff member will be notified of your generosity.

The Why: Our staff are hired and paid to do a job. The expectation is that they do this job well. If a staff member has a special impact on your camper or leaves a great impression, tell them, donate to the Creative Arts scholarship fund in their honor, or sponsor a staff treat or oneg during the summer! 

Camper Packages

The Policy: Packages for campers will not be accepted at camp.

The Why: If packed appropriately, camp provides everything a camper should need during their stay at camp. If a child has a necessity or they run out of something (ex. Toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) camp will purchase the item and bill the family.

Leaving Camp

The Policy: With a short session program like ours, we strongly discourage any leave requests.  If you think that there will be a need, please discuss it with the Camp Director before camp begins. Due to COVID-19, we will not be allowing campers to leave the camp bubble for any non-emergency or medical reasons in Summer 2021.

The Why: We hope that you understand it is too disruptive for a child, the peer group, and the program when a camper leaves camp early or in the middle of a session for even a short period of time.  

Money and Valuables

The Policy: We encourage all valuables stay at home. Campers may travel with money if they think they will want to buy a snack at the airport or train station.  URJ 6 Points Creative Arts Academy cannot be responsible for damaged, lost, or misplaced items.

The Why: There is no need for expensive jewelry nor shuk/canteen/space for spending money at camp. Between parents and staff, everything campers will need during their time at camp is provided.  To limit any potential for theft or misplacement, please keep all valuables at home.


Laundry is done once a session by an outside company. Campers who are registered for multiple sessions of camp, or those who need to do a quick wash, will have access to the on-campus laundry facilities. You do not need to pack laundry detergent.  

Visiting Camp

The Policy:  Visitors are not allowed in camp without prior clearance from the Camp Director. Please do not spontaneously visit camp. Due to COVID-19 and our efforts to have a bubble around the camp community as much as possible this summer, visits to campus will not be approved unless for extenuating circumstances.

The Why: Unscheduled visits from friends or relatives interfere with a child’s participation in the camp program and program itself and are unfair to other campers and their parents. Containing the camp community also maintains the fullest security possible for our campers and staff.

Requests for visitors will not be approved for summer 2021 to maintain the camp COVID bubble.


The Policy: 6 Points Creative Arts Academy takes a clear position on the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. It must be understood unequivocally by campers and parents:

The Why: The use of these substances is illegal for campers, and in some cases staff, and therefore has no place at camp. In addition, Westtown has a zero-tolerance policy for allowing drugs or alcohol on property.  Campers who use or possess these items will be immediately sent home at the parents’ expense.  In addition, fees will not be returned if a child is sent home for this reason and scholarships may be revoked. Although we do not anticipate a problem, it is vital that everyone connected with 6 Points Creative Arts Academy understands this policy clearly. There are no exceptions.


Make sure to pack 1-2 tie-dye or brightly colored shirts for your camper’s session! Each week our community celebrates Tie-Dye Fri-Dye on Fridays before Shabbat. It is a great, visual represenation of our individual uniqueness before we come together, all dressed in white, for Shabbat.

Birthdays at camp

Celebrating a birthday at camp is special! They will be recognized in the dining hall with singing and camp’s unique traditions, including our very own Birthday Banana. Campers can also make a brief call home.