I chose the “moon” filter for this photograph of my set list today at URJ 6 Points Creative Arts Academy to honor the need for balance. I spent the day performing and facilitating workshops with the staff for their inaugural summer and as I stood on stage looking out into the seats, I literally saw so much light that I felt like I needed sunglasses. It is the privilege of all privileges to make and share art for a living, as my actual job. It is quite another level of luxury and awe to share my work with other artists. My soul feels so whole that I will inherit not a second but a third soul as we enter into Shabbat. Thank you Jo-Ellen and Kara for letting me co-create something powerful and fresh and raw with you and your community today. Thank you leadership staff, Arts Mentors, and counselors for being so holy whole, for holding balanced space for the perfection and the little bit of brokenness too, and for restoring my soul both for this Shabbat and for the summer ahead. Shabbat shalom to all. What a spectacular team you have to launch this revolution and movement you have in store. Wishing you a most incredible first summer ahead. You are saving souls and lives. What a miraculous gift. #summertour

Contributed by Caroline Rothstein
“Caroline Rosthstein is a New York City-based writer and performer of spoken word poetry, theater, creative nonfiction, and journalism.” – carolinerothstein.com