By Kylie, Session 1 Camper
Original blog post: A Wish Come True

I found my Jewish family. I found the people that I can relate to. CAA created a safe space where I could learn and grow, while staying Jewish AND maintaining my craft. It was the camp I had dreamed of for years. Not only could I keep up with training and stay Jewish, I found people who are just like me, arts people. This camp gave me a chance to be myself and not be embarrassed about it. And the staff and faculty were supportive beyond my wildest imagination. They enforced rules, while keeping camp fun and educational. I was in the theatre major, so I got to work with Elias a lot, as he is the Theatre Mentor. Let me just say that I’m pretty sure that he changed my life. He let me express myself, he let me say what was on my mind, and he let my emotions run free, as long as I was “keeping it camp”.

So, did this camp fulfill my expectations? I must say, that my expectations were quite an understatement. It exceeded everything that I had prepared myself for. I had an amazing 12 days at CAA.

Thank you so much again for this incredible experience, and you can be sure that you will see me again next year. Sorry, you can’t get rid of me that fast!

All the love in my heart,