By Alexa, 6 Points Creative Arts Academy Bonim counselor

The last thing I ever expected to do while working at CAA was go to the gym. Somehow during staff week, I got myself up at 6 am every morning to do daily cardio. By the time our staff was ready to welcome campers to Westtown, I was ready to help incorporate physical activity into their lives. I was determined to run a Zumba-style dance class with both Bonim and Olim units for the entirety of the summer.

My first day was both unexpected and eye-opening. I realized that the Bonim campers loved “Musical Dance Party,” especially when we danced to musical theatre show tunes. Olim campers, on the other hand, were more receptive to traditional forms of physical activity, including “walk and talk on the track” or playing soccer and tennis.

Working with the leadership team, I adapted my kinesthetic art offerings to reflect the interests of the campers. I now facilitate tennis and soccer with eager Olim campers who also look for some daily cardio.  Campers who pack tennis racquets from home now have a good use for them. I’ve also learned a lot about soccer from my own campers.

With the help of the enthusiastic Bonim campers, Musical Dance Party has evolved into a kinesthetic art where campers share musical theatre dances with one another, culminating in a musical mash-up. I’ll always remember the first time Musical Dance Party performed “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” from the musical “Hairspray,” at the end of Shabbat services. I will also remember the second compilation of choreographed Broadway dances, which included choreography created by my own campers.

Experienced dancer or beginner, soccer pro or novice, campers adventure to try new things in kinesthetic arts. As much as they learn new tennis techniques or dance moves (like the “swim pivot” in second session and the “Jitterbug”), it is worthwhile to help facilitate the spread of creativity through the curiosity of trying new things. Here, at URJ 6 Points Creative Arts, campers are excited to get active and moving through a variety of new and exciting experiences. And I am beyond thrilled to get in the extra cardio.