Written by Shalva Nusi, 2018 and 2019 counselor

After spending time in a camp-like environment again, this time with 49 other returning Shlichim (Israeli counselors), at the “Kadima” seminar, this week has been quite a shock to me. I’ve returned to the reality of SAT prep, house chores and a society that is very different than cam after delving into reflection and preparation, acquiring educational tools to further the Jewish, and exploring the Israeli education at camp. During this week, I spent time reflecting on last summer’s experience. I thought about what I had achieved, in which situations did I feel I could have done better and how, and in what ways I can prepare for the summer ahead so that we, as a community, can achieve our professional and personal goals for the summer. With the acquisition of these new tools I’ve recently received, I look forward to camp now more than ever. I get to go back to camp, with 4 new Shlichim, who I am so excited to share this experience with.

Last summer changed my perspective on Judaism, art and communities. I found a place where I wanted to belong and contribute. I look back on the meaningful relationships I made with young artists and feel the impact camp has made on all of us. I look back on the magical moments I captured on film at camp and shared with families, future campers and staff, and Shlichim. I’m so proud of the part I have played in preserving camp’s inaugural moments.

Returning this summer after having “lived” camp and a year to reflect on it all, I am thinking about camp differently; my goals have shifted in anticipation of all the exciting changes that await us all at camp. I want to find new ways to instill Jewish values through artistic expression and focus on incorporating my Israeli culture into everyday camp life.

I can’t wait to see what camp is like this year, and I hope we all take the time to reflect on our thoughts and what we would like to come to camp with this summer. I’m already counting down the days!