Our Showcase is an amazing opportunity to highlight the incredible work that our campers, staff and faculty have put into their art each session. The decision to open the event to families and community members in 2019 yielded such positive results! From the energy of a real, robust audience to the glimpse it gave into what the CAA community is all about, we’ve loved sharing the show and havdallah with our extended family.

And we are, of course, honest and transparent that the biggest challenge was out of our control – the weather, be it the torrential rain (which we still can’t control) or the heat…yup, you’re seeing correctly, there is no parenthetical statement after the heat! We are now able to confirm that Westtown is moving forward with a project to AIR CONDITION the theatre. This is awesome news that will benefit us in 2021 and beyond.

2021 you say? What about Summer 2020? Glad you asked! We have plenty of space on campus for the day-to-day quality instruction that is the hallmark of our program, including the recently renovated arts building we’ve already referenced. As the project moves forward in the theatre on campus, we have worked with our amazing Westtown partners to secure the AIR CONDITIONED Marion Anderson Music Center on the campus of Cheney University, just a few miles down the road. Westtown’s transportation department will be providing buses and/or vans to and from the venue for our campers, staff and faculty. We are able to have full theatrical lights and sound, ample seating and still provide tech opportunities for our campers in an AIR CONDITIONED theatre space. This is a win/win/win!

More information about timing and tickets will be out closer to camp, meanwhile, mark your calendars and plan on joining us for Summer 2020 Showcases:

Saturday, July 4, 2020
Saturday, July 18, 2020
Saturday, August 1, 2020

It is our pleasure to share this news with you, and look forward to the coolest Showcases yet!

With a grateful heART,