Here are the most frequently asked questions thus far. Check back for more as we continue to receive great questions from campers and their families. 

Where is camp located?
The Westtown School is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, less than an hour from Philadelphia. The campus boasts air-conditioned dorms, a lake, pool, ropes course, nature trails, athletic facilities, amazing arts spaces for all disciplines and a working farm!

How long are the sessions?
Each 12-night session begins on a Tuesday and ends on a Sunday.

What arts disciplines are you offering?
Artists in grades 3-4 rotate through multiple Arts Discplines in a program that allows campers to scout out their passion.

Campers in grades 5-11 pick one Arts Major from the following: Culinary Arts, Creative Writing, Classical/Contemporary Theatre, Dance, Instrumental Music Ensemble, Musical Theatre, Vocal Music Ensemble, and Visual Art.

All participants also choose minor options and electives.

Are auditions required?

Auditions are not required for our program.  Arts mentors will be in touch with participants prior to camp to help set goals for personal growth.

Do I have to have experience to sign-up for a major?

No experience is necessary for the culinary arts major. Artists in grades 8-11 are expected to have foundational experience if choosing a major in dance, music, theatre or visual art. For artists in grades 5-7 foundational experience is expected in our dance major.

Can I send my camper packages?

Sessions are 12 days long. Between the partnership of parents and camp, campers are provided with anything and everything they might need. Therefore, packages are not accepted at camp. We accept standard flat business size (#10) or greeting card envelopes so that families can correspond with campers. Mail larger than these will either be held at the office to be picked up on closing day or will be returned to the sender.

If your camper needs something, like a piece of clothing, an important toiletry that was forgotten at home, lost, or ran out while at camp, you can call our camp office at 609-410-9870 or email and we will be happy to discuss the need.